Many people are not happy about their smile especially if it is quite gummy. But the good news is that a gum lift surgery is available to fix the look of the gums. This cosmetic procedure involves contouring the gum line to enhance the smile. The dental surgeon will remove excess gum tissues from around the teeth. The procedure involves the use of a special dental laser that makes it minimally invasive and nearly painless.

Benefits of the Procedure

A gum lift surgery can enhance the look of a smile permanently by minimizing excess gum tissue and contouring the gum line. Below are the benefits of this procedure that you may think about as you decide if such treatment is perfect for you.

  • Enhanced aesthetics. The procedure improves a smile’s overall aesthetics by making it look more proportionate and even.
  • Enhanced Look of the Teeth. The surgery can make the teeth look smaller or longer, thus changing the way they look.

  • Increased confidence. A beautiful smile can certainly boost a person’s confidence in himself.
  • Periodontal treatment. The surgery is also an option for periodontal procedures such as pocket reduction, crown lengthening and regenerative treatments.

Recovery Following the Surgery

Typically, the surgery requires just days of healing. But, every patient and procedure is different. A person’s recovery will depend on many factors that include whether it is done alone or as part of a bigger cosmetic treatment plan and the extent of the surgery. To get a more accurate recovery timeline, consult with a credible Spa Dentaire.

Post-Operative Care

Although the gums are expected to heal quickly after the procedure, it is important to take steps to ensure the results are long-lasting. Right after the surgery, the patient must follow a strict diet of liquids and soft foods for a few days. Post-operative care is important even if complications from this procedure are rare. The steps below can help in preventing infection and discomfort and accelerates the recovery process.

  • Use warm water to rinse the mouth two times every day.
  • Prevent plaque from building up around the gums by brushing gently and frequently.
  • Floss the teeth every day.
  • Avoid smoking.

Picking the right dentist to perform a gum lift surgery is paramount. Ensure you choose an experienced and knowledgeable dentist. Removing too much of the gum must be avoided to prevent the tooth from getting exposed below the gum line. A gum lift surgery carried out by a professional will surely make a big difference in a patient’s look.

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