Have you spent too many Friday and Saturday nights wondering why your smartphone stays so quiet? Do you pick it up and check to be sure it’s charged and turned on?  If you do and still no one calls, take heed. You didn’t get that smart new phone for nothing.   And if you get little more than robo calls and solicitations on your free Samsung Galaxy smartphone; the one you received with a Groupon promo code for your new AT&T subscription somethings wrong.

For many women, the first thing they think when they aren’t attracting interest from guys – and particularly from the guys they’d like to show some interest – is something’s wrong with their appearance.  And in seeking to answer that question and incite more interest and attention they frequently resort to things or fixes that may increase the attention they receive but are less likely to make them more attractive.  Because what is really attractive to most men is less of the “attention-grabbing” beauty attributes – nail polish, eyelashes, hair coloring, etc. – and more of what some call “fundamental” basics.  Of course these “basics” vary since every individual has his own preferences, likes and dislikes.  One thing that draws general agreement is a preference for a minimum of superficial makeup.  More appreciated is the bringing out or enhancing of naturally attractive characteristics rather than falsifying features.  Basically, this means folks don’t appreciate anything “phony” and resent attempts to mislead or deceive.

So how can you improve your attention score?  First, by paying more attention to the contents of the package rather than its wrapping.  The most stylish and attractive clothes won’t gain more than a passing glance unless the contents maintain the initial attention.  Second, make your natural attributes stand out without being excessive about it.  Third, avoid using products that make you look like you’re going to a Halloween costume party.  Excessive makeup is attractive to maybe one guy in a hundred.  And last, make certain you subscribe to AT&T wireless to assure that you have their best possible service so you can receive calls and texts without concerns over data limits, poor reception, or dropped calls – especially that one you’ve been anxiously awaiting!


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