Like most people, you are probably tired of visiting salons for waxing, while shaving itself is a complicated task at home. As a better and permanent alternative, laser hair removal fits the bill and for the right reasons. In this post, we take a look at the procedure, with the pros and cons in detail for better understanding.

Obvious advantages

If you find the right clinic laser Vectus, you don’t have to think much of the results. Laser hair removal is permanent and it works on all skin tones. It is also one of the fastest ways to remove unwanted hair and works on the targeted area only. To be more precise, it doesn’t affect or damage the surrounding skin. For small areas, such as the upper lip, laser hair removal works rather swiftly and can be completed for less than a minute. The procedure is also safe and painless, although most people do feel some sensation of burning, especially around the sensitive areas, such as the face.

On the flip side

This is a medical procedure, so laser hair removal does have a few side effects. Effects may include skin reactions, blisters and extensive sunburn sensation. It should be noted that most of the side effects related to the treatment can be minimized at the hands of a competent doctor/technician. This is also the precise reason why selecting the right clinic is so important.

Before and after the procedure

Single waxing can temporarily remove the hair follicles, it must be avoided six weeks prior to the procedure. It is also advised to avoid sun exposure, which must be followed for six weeks, both before and after the procedure. After laser hair removal, you skin may look like it has a sunburn, but that should subside in a day or two. In most cases, doctors may recommend cold compresses, and it is also important to avoid saunas and gyms for at least two days.

Find the right clinic

Selecting the right clinic for laser hair removal makes a big difference. It is important that you take an initial consultation and get answers for all the relevant questions. Check what the clinic has to say about the procedure, consider the pros and cons and whether there are any aspects that you need to be specifically careful about.

Done right, this can be the answer to unwanted hair and without many side effects.

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