High-quality Remy hair extensions are beautiful thick extensions and are more expensive than synthetic hair extensions but worth every penny! However, if you have been seeing damage to your extensions but are only checking for the quality of the extensions and not considering your bad habits you may have, then your extensions will suffer in the long run.

Improper Washing Habits

Under-washing and over-washing can both cause damage to your hair extensions. If you’re not washing your hair extensions correctly, then they will look dull, dirty and smell terrible. On the other hand, if you are over-washing them, then this will take all of the moisture out of them and will make them dry. So, the best way out is to wash your extensions once in a week to maintain their good health and appearance.

Using Over-Drying or Harsh Products

When you first purchase your extensions, your hair stylist will advise you on moisture rich, alcohol-free shampoos and conditioners. Make sure you read labels because products high in alcohol content are hard on extensions and can result in damage. Always be gentle with your hair extensions and use phosphate-free and sulphate free hair extension cleaners.

Trimming or Cutting the Extensions

Trimming or cutting your hair extensions is an excellent way to maintain hair extensions. But overdoing it will leave you with low length and damaged hair. If you decide to go with this method on a regular basis, then it is essential to hydrate your hair using natural hair oils freeing your hair from harmful radicals.

Inadequate Handling

When purchasing hair extensions, you should buy cuticle-free, smooth, silky extensions. But if you fail to handle them correctly, your extensions will start to lack shine, frizz up and eventually leading to tangles. Thus, you need to be gentle with your hair extensions. Use combs and brushes that have wide teeth. Also, use rubber bands, bobby or other hair styling products only when it is necessary.

Hot Hair Styling Products

When you use hair rollers, irons, curlers, dryers etc… They can cause potential damage to your hair extensions. These products all have high temperatures, and instead of drying the extensions, they just damage them.

Hair extensions look beautiful and are meant to enhance your overall beauty. But to make sure that their beauty and strength lasts long it is essential to take proper care of them. To ensure that you have the best quality of hair extensions visit the best AU hair extensions company and follow their hair extension care advice.

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