Are you someone who fumes when someone crosses the road suddenly while you’re driving? When your child denies cooperating with you, does your blood pressure seem to become high? Well, anger is a healthy emotion and it comes naturally but it is vital for us to deal with anger in a rather positive way. Anger that goes uncontrolled will take a toll on your relationships and also on your health.

It can be a challenging experience to keep our anger in check but there are few anger management tips that you can follow in order to tame your anger. So, if you don’t want anger to control your mood and if you’re wondering about how to control it, here are some tips for you.

#1: Think several times before you speak

When it is the heat of the moment, you may find it easy to speak out something that you will later on regret. Hence, you should take a little bit of time to collect all the thoughts before you speak out anything.

#2: Once you become calm, you should show your anger

When you start thinking clearly, you should start showing the frustration that you’ve been going through but make sure you show it in an assertive way and not in a confrontational manner. Mention your needs and concerns directly and clearly without hurting other people through your words.

#3: Do some sort of exercise

Physical activity is said to eliminate stress which can make you angry. In case you feel that you’re getting angry and high, go for a brisk run or walk and spend a little bit of time in doing your favorite set of exercises.

#4: Take out some time for yourself

Timeouts shouldn’t just be dedicated to your kids. You should also find out time for yourself during the time of a day when you feel a lot stressed. Taking out some quiet time for yourself will make you prepared to handle what is ahead of you and you will be able to control your anger.

#5: Recognize viable solutions

Rather than concentrating on the issue that made you angry, start working on solving the issue. Do you go crazy every time you see your child’s messed up room? If yes, close the door and avoid seeing it. Do you think your partner is late for dinner every night? Make sure you schedule the meals in the evening or try eating on your own few days a week. Remind yourself that anger won’t fix things; rather it will make matters worse.

Therefore, whenever you’re trying your best to control your anger so that you don’t spoil your relationships, take into account the above mentioned tips and strategies.

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