Hot stone massage involves the use of smooth, heated stones to warm up tight muscles. The therapist will work on pressure points and problem areas to alleviate the client’s stress and tension. The therapist may place the heated stones on the body or use it as an extension of their hands so they can work more deeply and quickly. Hot stone massage is the best way to relax while you are on a spa vacation. Aside from relieving tension, it promotes sleep, relieves pain associated with autoimmune disease, and boost immunity.

The majority of spas provide their own versions of this massage but this kind of massage takes plenty of skills and sensitivity on the part of the therapist. If you are looking to book a hot stone massage, keep the following in mind:

Ensure your Therapist is Certified to Perform this Massage

The treatment quality depends on the training and experience of the therapist and whether or not they like doing the treatment. Even the best massage therapist can only have moderate experience in hot stone massage. To ensure you get a hot stone massage, ensure the therapist is certified in this kind of therapy. Although a certification is not necessary, you will have peace of mind knowing the therapist studied this method.

Know How It is Done

Before your appointment, the therapist will sanitise the stones and heat them in a bath of 120-degree to 150-degree water. Once you arrive, they will ask you to lay face down on a massage table. To get started, the therapist will warm up your body with conventional Swedish massage and massages you while holding a heated stone. When the stone cools, it will be replaced with another. Stones of different sizes and shapes are used.

Also, some heated stones may also be left in specific points along spine, on your belly, in your palms or between your toes to enhance energy flow in your body. A lot of therapists think that the stones have an energetic charge which must be maintained by placing them in a spiral pattern. Do not hesitate to speak up if the stone are too warm or the pressure is too intense.

Hot stone massage is not appropriate for people with high blood pressure, diabetes, or heart disease. Also, it is not meant for people who are taking medications which thin their blood. Pregnant women and those with sunburn should also not get this of massage.

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