Ostarine which is also commonly known as MK-2866 is actually a Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator (SARM) which has been proved to extensively improve the lean muscle mass and other physical functions of our body. The supplement was originally produced by a pharmaceutical firm named GTx that is famous worldwide. This particular firm focused on the development of tiny molecules which selectively altered the impacts of androgen and estrogen receptors. It is known to improve the ligament health, bone density, tendon strength and the turn-over of collagen. It should be noted that Ostarine is not a steroid, yet it is known to exert the anabolic effects in bone and muscles.

Why choose Ostarine over steroids

Like anabolic steroids, Ortarine or Ostared uses the same process to attach to the androgen receptors. But it follows a selective process while working on the receptors in the body. This selective action allows it to deliver a similar anabolic activity like that of the regular steroids without any nasty side effects like infertility, hair loss, testosterone shutdown, testicle shrinkage etc. It has been usually seen that most steroids get converted to estrogen or DTH and when the level of these two hormones increases in your body, it gives rise to the unwanted harmful side effects. But with the use of Ostarine, you will not face any such issue. But like regular steroids, it helps in increasing the nitrogen retention capacity of your body, improves the mobility of the joint and makes the ligaments strong. With its help, you can easily maintain the strength and mass of the lean muscles without any kind of serious side effects.

The recommended dosage

The maximum recommended dosage of the supplement MK-2866 is about 25mg per day for men and 12.5mg for women. It has a half-life of 24 hours. The lowest dose advised for men is 12.5mg. When you take in lower doses, the noticeable effect is very less when you look for muscle gain but it proves to be effective for your joint health. In case of women, the lowest dose advised is 5mg per day. A therapeutic dosage of as low as 3mg can prove to be beneficial for both men and women. A dose of about 12.5mg in a day can be beneficial for tendons and bones.

What to expect

You can generally associate Osta-Red with few benefits like:

  • It is known to possess anabolic qualities and has the capability to treat and prevent muscle, bone and joint problems. Studies say that it can even help to cure osteoporosis and can sometimes be used for rehab purposes.
  • MK-2866 has androgen receptors that are non-steroidal and provides lower side effects compared to the regular anabolic steroids. Since it does not bind to the estrogen receptors, it will not transform to estrogenic metabolites. It is also known to improve the mass of the lean muscles. The supplement provides benefits like any regular steroid including better stamina, enhanced sex drive and stronger gain of muscles. In the brain, bone and muscles it promotes testosterone activity. The lowered action of testosterone in the prostate due to Ostarine reduces the chances of acne and enhancement of prostate.
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