When it comes to hair growth, you can find solutions everywhere, like going DIY by using essential oils for thicker and stronger tresses. Many prefer to go with the re-growth technology like laser hair growth therapies to address this cause. These laser treatments are referred to as low level light therapy.

It can break your heart when you know that your hair is thinning and you can also feel a bit overwhelmed when seeking the right cure or fix for your hair. But when it comes to low level light therapy, that overwhelming feeling will vanish in no time and will let those luscious tresses to thrive all over again.

What is meant by low level light therapy?

Low level light therapy is laser treatment and an FDA approved technology that treats hair loss, especially for those suffering from baldness. It enhances and stimulates the cell function, empowers hair growth by absorbing into the cells and evoking the cellular activity. When suffering from baldness, the hair follicles tend to rest faster than your scalp is in the growth stage.

When you use low level light therapy, it enhances cellular respiration, forcing the hair to stay in the growth stage for longer and eliminating the rest stage. This therapy is safe and effective to use. Nowadays, hair growth has gone above and beyond to make sure your hair get another chance to live.

You need to know that the light emitting diodes or LEDs never produce the same stimulated hair growth as the low level lasers.

Does it actually work?

Of course, they do. Lasers work like magic on your scalp and hair that generates and triggers growth like you have never experienced and seen before. Throw away all the DIY remedies, lasers tend to promote the hair growth at the fastest rate. Other clinics, as well as ours, have many testimonials that prove that low light laser therapy actually gives a guaranteed increase of 40 percent in hair growth over the span of wearing the air growth caps. Not only they ensure an increase in your hair growth, but it is truly non-invasiveness, painless, and have zero side effects, boosts hair strength and health of your scalp as well.

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