There is no doubt that Gucci bags are expensive. The reason for this is a combination of factors. Gucci bags are not only an accessory to hold all your girly things; they are in fact a fashion statement. But women don’t splurge on a Gucci bag only for this reason. Apart from a fashion statement, Gucci uses high-quality leather in its bags which in turn makes the bag last for years.

Moreover, Gucci handbags are often seen carried by celebrities across the world and this makes the bags from the brand more desired by the fashion-conscious women today. If you still wonder what really makes a Gucci Handbag so expensive, we’ve listed a few thoughts of ours on this question.

 High-end Designers and Excellent Craftmanship

Gucci always hires astounding designers like Alessandro Michele. The 42-year-old designer Michele re-innovate this billion dollar luxury brand with his quirky and exceptional creativity. Naturally, these accomplished designers come at high cost.

If you take a close look at the brand’s superb bags, you’ll inevitably fall in love with each of the bag’s craftsmanship. They pick the most delicate leather to craft its handbags. Along with that, Gucci spends a lot of their resources on the high-quality materials apart from the leather; like high-quality hardware, and exotic skin to make its handbags sturdy, long-lasting and of course highly desirable by women across the world.

The brand’s bags are like a family heirloom that you pass it on to your next generation. The brand sources its leather from different countries across the world. This top-notch quality and impeccable craftsmanship cannot be found in high street brands. That is why fashionistas around the globe love to carry Gucci’s exquisitely crafted handbags.


Once the craftsmen from the brand have done their bit, Gucci spends a lot of money on the marketing and advertising of their gorgeous products. To promote their high-end handbags, accessories, and couture, the brand usually hires different celebrities and spend a substantial sum on celebrity tie-ups. Apart from that, three fashion shows are organized each year where Gucci presents its recent collections to a fashion audience that is the cream la de creme of the industry.

No doubt this involves not only the cost of an event but also the cost of hiring the best creative minds in the industry. The marketing and advertising cost also includes historical anecdotes of the brand. Customers love to be associated with the history and heritage of the brand they indulge in, and Gucci knows this well.

The best part about the brand’s marketing strategy is that it associates itself with events that cater to the top one percent of the world; be it wine tasting, polo, vintage car rallies or even art shows.

A statement maker

Apart from all the factors stated above, Gucci bags are known to be a statement-making accessory. One doesn’t need to really talk about herself if she is seen carrying a trendy handbag from the brand. It not only adds value to one’s outfit but also gives one a sophisticated touch of glamour. Such statement only a few accessories can make; and these few accessories deserve to be priced high.

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